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At Wellspring College, we hold one principle supreme; that all children are teachable, and that no child irrespective of family background and inhibitive formative circumstances is incapable of achieving the peak of his/her chosen career.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a country's future and greatness among nations lie predominantly in her present quality of youths and education – education that places much premium on academic and moral excellence.


School Facilities

Wellspring College boasts of an enabling environment for excellence in academics, parading a plethora of state-of-the art facilities ranging from conducive modern classroom furniture to ICT enhancing facilities.

Sports Facilities

The school is well equipped with modern sports facilities; providing opportunities to students to participate in a wide range of indoor and outdoor games.

Boarding Facilities

The hostels are indeed home away from home. Hostels are properly monitored under the strict supervision of the hostel supervisors.

Health and Catering Services

Necessary machinery has been put in place to provide a healthy and attractive atmosphere that avails students the opportunity to learn with enthusiasm.

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Co-curricular Activities

The clubs and societies, through various activities, serve as simulators to real situations in the context of the larger society. A brief overview of each club/society is given below.

Jets Club

This club seeks to keep students abreast of inventions in this dynamic world of science and technology

Art Club

This is a club geared towards the enhancement of creativity in students.

Press Club

This seeks to enhance the reading and writing skills of its members.

Music Club

Music is known to be soothing to the soul. Thus, the club seeks to discover musical talents in the students

Young Farmers Club

The club was formed to make notable changes in the attitude of our youth towards farming.

French Club

The French club (Notre Club de Français) seeks to promote speaking, reading and writing skills of its members.